When we do not recycle, we waste resources. In this age of super fast consumption, even the rate of waste production has increased, This has not only led to a environmental damage, but also scarcity of resources due to neglectful discarding of waste. Recycling is very important. Many countries undergoing a colossal waste by not investing in recycling. For instance, the United Kingdom is discarding an inconceivable measure of junk that could be reused, squandering a huge number of pounds every year accordingly.

In a report from Friends of the Earth entitled ‘Gone to Waste: The Valuable Resources that European Countries Bury and Burn’, the philanthropy uncovered that 24 million tons of recyclable items are being sent to landfill or being burned every year. In the event that these items were sold, £650 million could be made every year.

Reusing these items would likewise decrease CO2 emanations by 19 million tons, by taking out the requirement for the new items being made in any case. It would likewise build employments in the green division and lessen the dependence on imports.

The report investigated the EU overall, and found that a stunning €5 billion was being squandered each year because of the inability to reuse more.

Numerous materials are lucrative when reused. A huge amount of aluminum can be sold for around £450. The UK is squandering more on neglecting to reuse materials and plastics, which can offer for £175 and £90 a ton individually, than whatever other nation in Europe.

Dr Michael Warhurst from Friends of the Earth said that the low reusing rate in the UK is “financial frenzy,” including that “it’s opportunity we perceived the genuine estimation of the materials we discard each day.”

Companions of the Earth is currently requiring a prohibition on sending recyclable materials to landfill, and keeping the development of more inciner