Renewable energy is important because of the benefits to the human race. The use of renewable energy is the perpetual solution to our energy problems. Replacing the conventional sources of energy with renewable will go a great way in saving the planet. With the world facing a scarcity of natural resources and non-renewable sources of energy in general now, it is more important than ever. The key benefits of using renewable energy are:

Environmental Benefits

Renewable energy comes from nature- the sun, the wind, the waves and the earth, and they are very easy to harvest. Renewable energy technologies are notably clean sources of energy and have a lower environmental impact when compared to conventional energy technologies. And thus, they pollute the environment less, and help us make a green earth.

Energy for the coming generation’s- Our grandchildren and their grandchildren

Unlike the threat of the non-renewable energy sources running out, renewable energy sources not. As they come from elements in nature, and nature is our home; we will forever have our renewable energy sources. With the reckless use of conventional sources of energy prevalent in the current day and age, our future generations will be in peril. Therefore, we need to make decisions which are green earth friendly.

More Jobs and contribution to the Economy

Renewable sources of energy do not require costly imports; most of the costs occur in the areas of raw materials and workmanship required to build and maintain the facilities. Such investments happen frequently in the same state, and often in the same town, leading to creation of hundreds of jobs for the local residents. This also means our energy dollars stay in our home country to create jobs and fuel local economies, rather than going overseas.